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About Alien Scribble Interactive

  Alien Scribble Interactive is currently a one person team(Jason White), but I do have plans to expand with future productions. I intend to continue to help others learn while I continue to improve my own productions with a focus on fun as well as imagination.

  I've resumed work on a much more ambitious production than previously. The main focus is on fun.
I've released a free game-character animation tool called MeoMotion to assist with smooth animation for games. I intend to release upgraded versions based on feedback (which I've been doing recently).

   I've recently re-built an older game I made: Chicken Utopia (old one was XP/Win7 & DirectX using C++)- which is now upgraded to a version for Win7+/Win10 and Linux using XNA/Monogame. This was my first attempt at a publically available game. The animation is deliberately silly. I just wanted to make a simple game - a bit funny and an interesting world that kids could enjoy exploring.

I do have plans for future projects which fall into very different categories (ie: realistic 3rd person horror, fully customizable chibi isometric RPG, ... and more)

Finding free time to work on these projects is difficult, so progress is slow... for now... (^__^)

I'm currently based in Canada and can be contacted via Contact@AlienScribbleInteractive.com