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May 2021 - NEW version of Chicken Utopia : works on more platforms (tested on Win7, Win10, & Linux) and in 15 languages.
Now on STEAM!

Made an Upgraded version of MeoMotion game-character animator with animated rectangles collision support. MeoPlayer version 2 will be on github and it also includes support for animating 2 parts of the character using different animations (like walking while aiming).
I'm also searching for free time to resume work on an old project. I had to restart it(mostly) after I lost a hard-drive but I'm finally back to where I was and beyond that. It now includes monster AI and more interactive objects.
(It's very difficult to find free time with my job).
My hope is that if Chicken Utopia receives enough support, I can cut back on job hours and focus more time on making games. :)

Nov - Added a Dynamic Water Shader tutorial for MonoGame Cross-Platform.
Sept - Updated grass tutorial to include Monogame version with vertex shader animation.
Aug - Making improvements(fixed bugs) to MeoMotion and resuming work on an ambitious cross-platform
game project using MonoGame framework which is becoming quite powerful.

Aug - Just finished a Bloom effect / shader spaceship game tutorial.

Released MeoMotion Animator (alpha). It's a simple distortable vector/skeleton 2D
animator including runtime source code for integrating animations into your game (also with tutorials)
I've completed runtimes for: MonoGame - XNA - DirectX11 - SharpDX - SDL2 - OpenGL


Added a nice TileMap Editor Tutorial for XNA.

Added a Lens Flare and Lighting Tutorial (with chroma) and Part 2 with Lens Flare Occlusion Fading.

Just added a nifty Dynamic Grass Tutorial in the Game Design section. The source
code is c# XNA but easily applied to other development environments. This grass will move
in response to a player running through it - it looks great. (^-^)

Just a recent screenshot in which I test some dynamic lights with hanging
lanterns (verlet integration). The light technique is actually simple but looks good if done right.


Here's a screenshot of a scene using additive blending and some extra shaders:

Additive FX Test


Working tediously on the new game (whenever I find time).
I recoded the entire engine in C# and am now using XNA. I find this coding environment a lot faster and easier to debug.
Here is a teaser screenshot of the game engine in action. (Note: I love shader effects):

game screen

Updated Chicken Utopia demo and full version for better analog control and faster download/installation.

I've been working on the animations for some of the more basic characters for the upcoming game.
I want a photoshop artwork look with high quality animation. So far so good. I'll keep trying to improve.

Running Kitty

Just an update - I've been working on a lot of concept art for the new game - hoping to make it very imaginative.
The gameplay concepts are also quite promising. This will be a very original type of rpg action game. Very exciting stuff. (^__^)

I've started some character drafting for my new game and the designs are
improving... thumbnails:


CHICKEN UTOPIA is now available on STEAM!
BEHOLD! Screenshots of our fire-breathing chicken hero in action:




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